Be The Nature Seafood Broth & Seasoning

Be The Nature Seafood Broth & Seasoning

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"Just one stick for your favorite broth !"

Freeze + Dried

Broth & Seasoning

16 Natural ingredients in one powder stick (6 mixed Seafood + 10 vegetables )

The genuine taste and nutrition of natural ingredients through freeze-drying

You can use this to make your favorite broth for soup,noodle,stir-fry, stew and  many more...

How to enjoy : Simply boil one cup of water (250ml) with one powder stick,

(Tip : Tear a stick and pour the powder into water at the beginning of the cooking process. It will dissolve well and make your dish more delicious,

How to apply : With the powder stick, you could make all types of foods.

Soup, Noodle, Stew , Seasoned side dish, etc. Everything is possible.


Freeze-dried broth base powder (Radish concentrate, Dextrin,Kelp Concentrates S, Dried Pollack extract, Baby-Necked Clam concentrate,

Onion powder, tuna concentrate, Garlic powder, Ginger Powder, Fermented Bean extract powder, Roasted Salt, Yeast extract, Freeze-dried Shiitake

Mushroom powder, Freeze-dried Burdock Root powder, Freeze-dried Lotus Root powder, Freeze-dried Cabbage powder.

Manufactured by : TRUNAS CO, Ltd Chungjunsandan 6-ro, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do,27327, Republic of Korea.

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