About Us

About Pick & Peak

Welcome to Pick & Peak. The U.S based supplier of best-in-class Korean products. I first laid the foundation for the company back in 2013 and eventually evolved into a hard-working result driven strategic team of experts in online marketplace business.

What we provide

  • ✓ At Pick & Peak, our aim is to deliver you the variety of best-in-class products.
  • ✓ We mostly focus on authentic South Korean products ranging from K-beauty to K-fashion! Korean beauty products are trusted & loved worldwide.
  • ✓ We value your choices & we understand what authenticity means to you.
  • At Pick & Peak, we strive to fulfill the unbreakable promise of authenticity and purity.
  • We have an interesting range of carefully-chosen authentic products. Which—we know—will make your life more comfortable and fun.
  • Although we provide some U.S based products like our best-selling & most loved product Nature Fresh's Black Castor Oil too.

Our Story

  • ✓ It all started in 2013 when I decided to fill the gap between the two cultures! US & South Korea.
  • ✓ The time when Korean beauty products started to take recognition and popularity in the U.S.
  • ✓ However, the market was not ready to tackle this ever-expanding trend of K-beauty products which resulted in high price and elusive items, culminating in high prices.
  • As a Korean american living in the US, I've dreamed about the K-beauty, K-foods & K-culture all in one place.
  • So, I've started Pick & Peak. The goal was to fill the gap of two markets and make the availability of all Korean products at a reasonable price.

We Have Trusted Platform

  • ✓ We will always focus on quality and privacy when performing business transactions.
  • ✓ That's why we have our platforms established on trusted and genuine platforms like Amazon, eBay & Etsy as well as our own website where you can shop easily and securely.
  • ✓ We ensure that your transactions are fully safe and secure.

Let's Work Together

  • ✓ We're always open to new ideas and new people to work with.
  • ✓ We can help branding, importing & marketing too
  • ✓ Contact Us for partnership.
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